‘Tis the season to overspend and have to cut back elsewhere. But please consider how that could affect self employed people!


Our normal studio policy allows you to move an appointment once without having to pay a new deposit, and cancelled appointments will always result in the deposit being kept as compensation for loss of earnings to the studio. However, due to the amount of people letting us down in Previously, during the Christmas and new year period, this policy is slightly different.


If you are booked in throughout November, December and January, and you wish to rearrange, move or postpone an appointment, you will be required to pay a new deposit.



We understand that Christmas is an expensive month and we do appreciate that other unexpected expenses arise in these months, but when you make an appointment with a tattoo artist, it is a commitment which we rely upon to survive financially. As tattoo artists, we are our own small independent businesses, and unfortunately when people cancel appointments it has an immense effect on our financial stability. Please remember that we don’t just tattoo for the love of it, although we do love it, but we all have mortgages and bills and christmases to pay for too! So, if you want your friendly neighbourhood tattoo artists to survive the winter then we all need to pop our business hats on and be a little stricter this year! Please think before you make an appointment if you can’t honour the commitment, it could be really damaging for your tattoo artist to be let down. Thanks for understanding guys! .


We love you! 🖤🖤

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